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There are two doctoral positions open in “History and Education” at Umeå University, both are open for applicants within both educational history and history education.
Deadline for application is April 3, 2018. Please, forward this to potential applicants.
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Presenters at The Seventh Nordic Conference on the History of Education are invited to submit their papers to be considered for publication in a special issue of the Nordic Journal of Educational History, which will be published in 2019 (autumn). The deadline for submissions is October 30, 2018.

The Nordic Journal of Educational History (NJEdH) is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to scholarly excellence in the field of educational history. The journal takes special responsibility for the communication and dissemination of educational history research of particular relevance to the Nordic region, but welcomes contributions exploring the history of education in all parts of the world. The theme for The Seventh Nordic Conference on the History of Education is education and society in change. How has education and upbringing dealt with societal challenges and needs throughout the ages? How can educational history contribute in meeting today’s societal challenges – such as increasing inequality, migration, climate change and technology? In what way can we best investigate these challenges historically?

The theme of the conference is wide and invites to multiple reflections and analysis. Educational history is today an interdisciplinary research field that includes researchers from various academic disciplines and has a broad thematic scope – from childhood history and youth history, through school, university and church history, to pedagogical history and ideology. We hope that the special issue will highlight issues related to the theme of the conference with multiple historical perspectives and methods.

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Huvudtema för 2019 år Svenska historikermöte är Rättigheter. Med detta vill vi rikta fokus på såväl nutida som forna aktörers kamp för rättigheter av olika slag, ett tema som spänner mellan till exempel rätten till den egna kroppen som en individuell rättighet, till rätten till medbestämmande och samhällsdeltagande som kollektiva demokratiska rättigheter.
För eventuella frågor och mer information använd följande epostadress: För mer info se också:

Roos, Merethe. ”Tidlige skoleforbindelser: Svensk-norsk ideutveksling på skolens område rundt midten av det 19. århundre og dannelsen av tekstkulturer over kjølen” in Nordic Journal of Educational History. 2018;5(1): 3-25.
Karlsson, Tobias; Fay Lundh Nilsson; Anders Nilsson. “Vocational Education and Industrial Relations: Sweden 1910–1975” in Nordic Journal of Educational History. 2018;5(1): 27-50.
Westberg, Johannes, “A Conflicted Political Will to Levy Local Taxes: Inequality and Local School Politics in Sweden, 1840-1900”, Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy (Published online: 12 March 2018).

3. on_education, new open access journal,

We are happy to announce that the first issue of on_education is online. The issue deals with the topic `Civic Education after Trump´.

It features the following contributions:

  • Michael Merry (University of Amsterdam): Citizenship, Structural Inequality and the Political Elite
  • Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Civic Education in the Age of Trump
  • Meira Levinson & Ellis Reid (Harvard University): The Paradox of Partisanship
  • Johannes Giesinger (University of Zurich): The Independence of Education
  • Claudia Ruitenberg (University of British Columbia): Learning to be Difficult: Civic Education and Intransigent Indignation
  • Sigal Ben-Porath (University of Pennsylvania) & Gideon Dishon (Tel Aviv University): Digital Civics after Trump
  • Rupert Wegerif (University of Cambridge): New Technology and the Apparent Failure of Democracy: An Educational Response
  • Elizabeth Edenberg (Georgetown University): Cultivating Reasonableness in Future Citizens

We are looking forward to a lively debate and cordially invite our readers to comment on and reply to the essays.

Best wishes, The editors of on_education