VET & Culture workshop, Zürich 17.-18.9.2018. Opening and extending vocational education


VET&Culture -verkoston tiedote

Dear collegues, dear friends, 

We would like to invite and welcome you to the next VET & Culture event in Zurich, Switzerland 2018.

In our program we will include a site visit and colloquium in the Office of the Swiss Assocation of Adult and Further Education (SVEB).

Please save the date (17-18.9.2018)

Zurich, for the organizing team 

Philipp Gonon, Institute of Education, University of Zurich

VET & Culture workshop

Opening and extending vocational education

The VET&Culture workshop 2018 will be hosted at the University of Zurich, 17.-18. September 2018.

This workshop combines perspectives of

1) a historising dimension on vocational education,

2) an open understanding of vocational education including higher education, further and adult education, and

3) informal and non-formal aspects of the education system.

We consider that apprenticeship and VET are distinct approaches towards initial education that have been opened and extended to various directions over time: Higher education took on vocational education models. Vice versa, vocational education development tends to adopt to structures of higher education. Privatisation and marketisation have emerged as well as utilitarian approaches towards labour market skills. Informal learning and recognition of competences have widened the perspectives on vocational education. In this workshop, we will discuss the variety of opening and extending tendencies within vocational education. Presentations will alternate with round tables combined with a planned field visit.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Gonon
Professur für Berufsbildung
Universität Zürich
Kantonsschulstrasse 3
CH-8001 Zürich
044 634 66 13 (Sekretariat)
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