Special issue: Nordic Journal of VET - Cultural Historical Theory & Vocational Education and Training


Link to the issuehttp://www.njvet.ep.liu.se/contents.asp?doi=10.3384/njvet.2242-458X.17v7i2



Editorial: Cultural historical theory & VET – A contribution to broadening the theoretical grounds of research in VET

Lázaro Moreno Herrera


Peer-reviewed articles

Contribution to the study of personality by ‘pioneers’ of the cultural historical school: Revisiting earlier research in search for learning

Lázaro Morena Herrera


Transforming vocational education and training in Finland: Uses of developmental work research approach

Marianne Teräs


Methodological challenges of investigating in-tellectual cooperation, relational expertise, and transformative agency

Ines Langemeyer


VET as transformative, collaborative research: Cross self-confrontation, dialogical artefacts, and the development of organizational dialogue in a Swiss factory

Laure Kloetzer


Enhancing learning as theoretical thinking in robotic surgery

Laura Seppänen, Marika Schaupp and Mikael Wahlström


Magazine article

‘Hinged’ activity systems: Expanding the utility of activity theory

Lewis Hughes