CRADLEn uusi verkkosivu ja kuulumiset


Dear colleagues and friends, CRADLE (the Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning) has been going through challenging times lately, as the management of University of Helsinki and our Faculty of Educational Sciences have cut and dismissed personnel and centralized power in their own hands. For CRADLE this has meant a steep reduction of resources.

On the other hand, cultural-historical activity theory, the theory of expansive learning, and the methodology of formative interventions are more in demand, have more global support and generate more important research than ever before. So CRADLE is very much needed - and indeed, we are very much alive.


Our Department of Education has recently been reorganised into broad expert groups. As an independent research unit, CRADLE is affiliated with an expert group called ‘Learning, Culture and Interventions’ (LECI). This expert group includes scholars from a variety of approaches and theoretical backgrounds, so it offers us a forum of exchange and collaboration.


At this point, we have prepared a new version of the CRADLE website, in line with guidelines of our university. Here is the link to the new CRADLE web pages:


For the time being, in the ‘People’ section of the website, we list colleagues who are either physically present in Helsinki or directly under the supervision of CRADLE researchers. We use our CRADLE-news list to reach our  collaboration partners, friends and alumni around the world. 


As our resources are scarce, this new website is fairly rudimentary. All suggestions for improvement are very welcome. We also invite you to send us news that can be put into the site. Please send this information to me directly; our collective will make sure that the website is updated. 


With best regards,


Yrjö Engeström