EAPRIL-konferenssi 29.11.-1.12. Hämeenlinnassa


EAPRIL - European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning

EAPRILn kansainvälinen konferenssi pidetään ke 29.11-pe1.12.2017 HAMKssa Hämeenlinnassa. Abstraktien jättö on auki 10.5.asti, oheisesta linkistä https://www.eapril.org/eapril-2017 keynotina on mm. Minna Huotilainen https://tuhat.helsinki.fi/portal/en/person/huotilai

EAPRILn  keskiössä on käytäntöläheinen ja –lähtöinen soveltava tutkimus, joka kohdistuu osaamisen kehittymiseen ja oppimiseen oppilaitoksissa, työpaikoilla, verkostoissa, projekteissa. Konferenssi itsessään ei noudata perinteistä akateemista formaattia vaan johtoajatuksena on osallistujien välisen vuorovaikutuksen tukeminen, verkostoituminen.

EAPRIL conference in Hämeenlinna, Finland,

November 28 – December 1, 2017

“Inspired by the visions of future education and learning”

The EAPRIL Conference aims to bridge educational research and practice, and is especially renowned for its highly interactive and innovative presentation formats. It is not a coincidence that Hämeenlinna, Finland, was chosen as venue for the EAPRIL2017 Conference. Where else could we come to a more profound and inspiring discussion about educational research and practice? 

Don't forget our Best Reseach & Practice Project Award! Do you have a practice-based project of which you think it deserves the attention and recognition of the field? Submit your application by May 10, 2017. More information on what is expected can be found here!  

In addition to our regular conference programme, school visits are organised to allow participants to learn more about the renowned Finnish educational system. A more detailed programme will be published online soon. For L&D representatives and practitioners our annual Corporate Learning Day is organised, which will take place on November 30, with transformational labs on flipped learning and game-based learning in corporate settings, and more to be announced soon.

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