Uudistuneen Elmin teemana New Forms of Citizenship


Tiedote 3.4.2017 (KVS, Markus Palmén)

Welcome to the new site of European Lifelong Learning Magazine (Elm)! We redesigned Elm to offer a more mobile and clear reading experience. Along with this new experience we unveil our theme issue on New Forms of Citizenship. New Forms of Citizenship focuses on the learner-citizen amid the megatrends of the 21st century. What do we need to learn to stay active? How is learning itself changing?

Some highlights:

"Nu Sta Djunto is a Portuguese social movement created in the aftermath of austerity policies. It steps in where the state fails."

Anna Pöysä: Nu Sta Djunto - Action instead of words

"What does the Trump presidency mean for social movements in the US? Organizers need to reach out to previously inactive people to create a meaningful counter-force to Trump's agenda"

Darya Marchenkova: Rise Up and Rise to the Occasion after Trump  

"Learn constantly, build your portfolio, hone your people skills -just to survive in the job market."

Karoliina Knuuti: Working life fragilizes and feminizes

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