Kasvatushistorian maailmankonferenssi elokuussa Chicagossa. Abstraktit 31.12. mennessä


Kasvatushistorian maailmankonferenssi ISCHE38 teemalla “Education and the Body” 17.-20.8. Chicagossa.

Abstraktit 31.12. mennessä.

With the conference theme “Education and the Body” ISCHE 38 invites historical scholarship that examines the material and discursive positioning of human bodies in education; educational practices of embodiment; as well as metaphorical uses of the concepts of “body” and “bodies” in relation to education.

ISCHE 38 aims to generate a set of sustained conversations amongst historians of education from across the globe on education in relation to the body.  Conference participants are asked to consider how a focus on the body offers us new perspectives into the development of educational patterns and institutions.  The consideration of bodies—on multiple axes and levels—also prompts us to rethink our understanding of the individual and social experiences of education and schooling.  The 2016 ISCHE conference theme challenges us to examine how difference has historically been created between different bodies, as well as how different bodies have moved and have been shaped to move in the history of education.

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